Music Production Tracks & Albums

Music composition. Original, exclusive, sample-free and cleared music for Music Agencies, Ad Agencies, Music Production Libraries, Film Directors and Music Supervisors.
Licensed, Buy-out or Work-for-hire.


Genre focused (Rock, Orchestral, Electronic, Hip-Hip, Pop, Folk..etc).

Emotion/Mood focused (Sad, Angry, Inspired, Frightened, Quirky..etc.).

Featured Instrumental (Harmonica, Accordion, Piano, Ukulele..etc.)

Event Themed (Politics, Olympics, Sports Playoffs, Holidays, World news.)

Custom: Have a unique music request?  Contact me..


  • Stems / Splits
  • Shorts/Cut downs  (15sec, 30sec, 60sec…etc.)
  • Reduced mixes
  • Audio format and specs to your needs
  • While I wouldn’t dare to call myself a proper Mastering Engineer, (that’s an entirely different art form onto itself) I will provide tracks with optimized headroom or set according to your needs.