Song Writer Demos

Songwriter Demo Production

Pop • Rock • Country • Folk • Blues

Have your songs produced into full sounding demos or even just a minimalistic and acoustic version of that brilliant song that you sing live that everyone loves! There are a number of reasons to have your songs produced into great sounding demo’s with high-production value. Below are just a few examples.

  • You play your songs live and are constantly asked if you have CD’s for sale.
  • You’re a great lyricist or singer but only play a few chords on the guitar or piano.
  • You have some industry attention and need to make the best impression you can when pitching your songs.
  • You’re a great solo singer/songwriter with vision for your songs, but not the means or tools to produce and record them.


The process:

We have a detailed conversation about your song, what you envision and what it’s about. We look at Hook, Theme, Structure, Arrangement, Melody, Tempo, Rhythm. Discuss your capacity to contribute musically, lyrically and vocally. We then decide on a package that’s inline with your goals and budget. We agree on a plan and then production begins.


Pkg A ($99) 1+1 = Vocal and 1 instrument (guitar or piano + your vocal or demo singer, male or female).

Pkg B ($150) 3 + 1 = Vocal and three instruments (ex: Gtr, Bass, light percussion or programmed drums).

Pkg C ($350) 5 +1 = Vocal and 5 instruments.  Including mixing.

Pkg “T.W. = The works” – Contact me.. we can work something out.

Before/After Examples

Artist Name – Song Name

Artist Name – Song Name

Artist Name – Song Name